twin sisters re-united

(Twin sisters brought together by facebook)

Lost touch with someone? Lost or forgotten contact details? Maybe you could not leave a forwarding address. Perhaps you’re looking for a natural child or parent who you may have never met and don’t have contact details for. We hope to help. If you register on this site you can submit information about a memorable or significant piece of shared history – also known as a glimpse – that will help you re-establish contact. This includes a time, a place and some extra notes. In fact you can add several glimpses to the site, to increase your chance of finding the person you are looking for – or you may be seeking more than one person. But before you do that, why not search through the glimpses that have already been submitted – after all, the person you are seeking may have already been here. If you find one that rings a bell, you can start exchanging messages and find out if it’s the person you’re looking for. You can be notified by email when you receive a message, so you won’t need to keep checking the site once your glimpses are set up. Remember that any information you include in a glimpse, including your username, will be completely public and visible to anyone and everyone. We suggest you only use information which doesn’t give away who you are but does give a big clue to the person you’re seeking. Then if you do start exchanging messages with someone you should test each other by asking for several details only that person would know. Some things to think through Carefully consider and try understanding what you and the other person you hope to contact could be looking for if any contact is re-established, (perhaps chat this through with another person whose judgement you like.) Then if you think it’s worth a go you can share details of your last meeting or other known/shared history. By signing up you are in turn agreeing to the sites Terms, conditions with “what if this site is hacked proviso” and privacy policy. We don’t want a bad name so we won’t do anything we think you would not want us to with your email address. It is the only bit of personal information we have for you other than your registration info which we request you keep as anonymous as possible. If you are not yet an adult in your country please talk with a few responsible adults and friends who you trust. Would they consider using their email address to register for you? It’s important to us that you use the site in a way which is safe for you, and we have some advice on how to do that. If you are unable to get the help you want contact us and we shall try to help. Some details you might include: where and when you last met the person (or possibly people) you seek, your approximate age at the time or perhaps your parents age at the time if you are the child/children of their meeting (perhaps a best guess?) with what you know or best guess of where, when and what doing ( tourists / professional work, etc ).

An example If the idea of how this works isn’t clear yet, here’s an example. If Jonny’s, who wrote the poster above wanted to use our site his “glimpse” might look like this: Title: Waterloo Bridge Date: 14/01/2008 Location: Waterloo Bridge, London Notes: You were a total stranger. You gave me hope. I can’t remember much about you because I was so distressed. You’ll be pleased to know Jonny  did find who he aimed to with his media campaign. Have you got the concept? If you do not receive the confirmation emails after registering please check your junk or spam folder before contacting us – and mark them as “Not Spam” so that in future, any message notification doesn’t also end up in the Spam folder; after all, it could change your life! Any unwanted contact can easily be stopped by blocking another user from messaging you. If you encounter any abusive behaviour please get in touch and let us know, so we can help. The reason for working with non-identifying details is this helps protect your privacy and keep you safe. Remember any registered person can message you and that’s when your guarded response might let you know if you are finding a person you want to or not. Please don’t send / post any photos at this stage, see if their story stands your polite questioning. Make sure you are thinking carefully and not believing what you want to be true if you do not have the evidence as yet. Questions such as what does the person remember of you (in detail), if they can remember what happened when you were there. It is best in our view to be cautious as the person might be lying to you because of their personal problems rather than jump to a rushed conclusion that this system has worked. If they want to get in touch then they are likely to remember details the same as you remember or what they may have heard of your from another, possibly their parent. (Remember this could still be a person who you would definitely not what to meet on-line or elsewhere.) This and other precautions you might think and learn of can reduce the possibility of being abused by people being cruel on-line. Remember, it is up to the person contacting you to prove they are who they say they are. You can help them a bit but don’t be too helpful and if you are young ask an older person to reply to messages for you. Heather And Michael Osborne when they met. Then married after over 20 years of no contact. If you know how we could make this site better we would be thankful; feel free to contact us. We do ask you tell people about this site as the more people that use it the better the chances of it transforming people’s lives. We are also looking for registered agents and trustee’s worldwide. Can you help with the costs to this “free” service?

First priorites are for professional work aiming to disguise authentic posts with computer generated “Glimpses” covering all of the worlds land surface at a frequency of perhaps every 5 miles with additional improvements.

Possible additional funding might be given to people who have found each other with and would welcome online communication funding.

If you are thinking of donating please contact us directly to see if we can facilitate the ‘Gift aid’ method as this could allow  governments to increase your donation by 25%.

Some much larger organisations with similar aims: has 1120 articles online findable with the phrase “Family reunification” typed into there search bar here: offer a lifeline to the 250,000 people who run away and go missing each year in the UK. uses 404 ‘page not found’ messages to promote appeals for missing children throughout the world. All the best and you are requested to tell people about this site as the more people that hear and use it the better your and their chances of good things happening from it. © 2014 All Rights Reserved

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