Our aim is to become a international charitable organisation aiding a percentage of the worlds estimated 7 Billion people find people who they wish to be found by and aim to assist those without the financial means to meet in person should they both convince findeachother.org that this would be a very good idea.

The goal of helping people find each other with findeachother.org ‘s website service is as far as we are aware unique. It’s intended beneficiaries can be from every spectrum of the worlds communities and the intended beneficiaries are intended to identify themselves  anonymously initially.

Using this “try finding who you seek option” makes no demands on a registered user other than an email address which can be anonymous too.

It is up to any successful beneficiaries as to whether they inform findeachother.org or not of finding who they wanted to be found by. The objective of findeachother.org is to promote it’s facility to its maximum potential whilst maintaining a good name and altruistic ethic of giving as much as we can to an area of as yet largely un-addressed need. Our most important mission is to achieve these present aims goals and mission as safely as we can with particular regard to the vulnerable. (c) Copyright of findeachother.org 2014


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